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A french-inspired cafe and wine bar

Love Notes

– Good Seed Floral, 2020 Client

Meet the Designer

I’m Abbey, the designer and educator behind Wayfarer. I first fell in love with design at 13 years old when I became obsessed with customizing my Myspace page. There was just something magical about how I could simply change the text, colors or layout to transform my profile into something that felt like a true reflection of myself. And to this day, that’s still how I view design – this magical tool that we can use to make our brands reflect our heart, our values and our passion.

Photos by CP Imagery

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"After completing your course, my design process has improved tremendously. I feel so much more confident by positioning myself as the expert with all the presentation templates and canned e-mail responses. My process is running more smoothly and I feel less stressed when I get a new client inquiry. You gave me the tools I need to run this business confidently and I can't thank you enough."

Carol Fan