Why Your Brand Needs Multiple Logos

April 27, 2022

If you’re just starting your business, you’ve probably seen some conflicting information about how many logo variations your brand really needs. Many people mistakenly assume that for every one brand, one logo is sufficient – and we totally understand why!

While at first it might seem like having just one variation of your logo for your brand would help keep your business recognizable, it’s important to remember that you won’t use your logo in just one place. In fact, your logos will be used across many applications, all of which require different sizing and orientations!

Why your brand needs multiple logos

As an ecommerce brand owner, you’ll want to showcase your logo on your website, product packaging, store signage, email signatures and social media. Having only one version of your logo means limiting how well-suited your logo will be across the various platforms and marketing methods you use. In other words? Using just one logo limits your brand’s marketing abilities!

For every brand we work with – however big, small, new or old – we always create multiple versions of their logo (usually 2-5 in total). Rather than sticking the same logo on everything and allowing things to become repetitive, we create a family of logo variations that can be used in a variety of ways, while still feeling cohesive and recognizable. 

Will every single logo look identical? Of course not. Instead, that family of logo variations will remain similar enough to be unmistakable, without feeling too repetitive. 

Ultimately, using multiple logo variations allows you as the business owner more flexibility in how you use your branding!

Case Study: Old Flame Candle Co.’s Logo Variations

We’re visual people, and we always appreciate a good example or two. So, take a look at an example of how we took Old Flame Candle Co.’s original logo, and designed a fresh set of logo variations!

When Old Flame Candle Co. first came to us, they had a logo that they were happy with, and they only wanted us to update their website. But, we quickly found that their logo wasn’t very flexible – it didn’t fit well in some important areas like their website header. 

We decided to create some alternate versions of their original logo, to give them the flexibility to use their branding anywhere they wanted!

  1. First, we designed an icon that could be used for small applications, like social media, or stickers. 
  2. Next, we used that icon to create a long, horizontal logo variation that would perfectly suit their website header, packaging tape and ribbons. 
  3. Then, we used that same icon to create a stamp-style mark that could be used across OFC’s website and social media!

Creating these additional logos also gave us the opportunity to add some more meaningful design elements to the brand that better conveyed what Old Flame Candle Co.’s products are all about. Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey everything that you want your audience to understand in just one logo. But, when you have multiple versions of your logo, you can spread those ideas out and make them work to cohesively present the full picture to your audience!

Old Flame Candle Co.’s original logo mainly used a specific style of font to convey the vintage look and feel of their products. However, that logo wasn’t doing anything to highlight how their candles are sustainable and refillable – a hugely important selling point! So, that’s what we focused on for their icon: we filled the gap in their brand story, so that their audience could get the full picture of what they do, and why their products are special.

More logos = more flexibility and brand recognition.

Yes, when building out a brand and designing elements to perfectly communicate your offer with your audience, it’s important to pay attention to the aesthetic side of things. BUT it’s equally important to think about how your brand (and logos) will be applied in all of the places and platforms required for your marketing strategy! 

The more flexible your branding and logos are, the more use you’ll get out of them. And if there’s one thing we love, it’s knowing you’re getting the absolute most out of your brand design package.

We believe in variety, in more ways than one.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to creating a memorable brand. That’s why we create custom packages that’ll help you take that next big step in your business.

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