Turning a $2.5k Client into a $9k Client with Design Shoppe Co.

July 29, 2021

I have to start by saying that this designer’s story is AMAZING. After a few career path changes and COVID putting her family’s plans on hault, Ìní decided to go all in and pursue brand + web design. In this interview, we talk about how things have grown during her first 6 months in business – from raising her prices, refining her process and finding ways to use her many talents to set herself apart and serve clients better. You can watch the full interview below ↓

About Ìní

Ìní Abíódún is a lawyer, illustrator, brand identity and web designer. She is the founder of Radfindr (formerly Design Shoppe Co.), an atelier brand experience for firestarters and tastemakers
She is a strong advocate for creating environments where female founders can thrive and grow. She is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can go follow Ìní on Instagram and check out her amazing work!

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