Our 4 Favorite Resources for Custom Product Packaging

March 28, 2022

Whether you’re an ecommerce or brick and mortar brand, one thing is certain: your packaging has everything to do with how your products are perceived, and how well they sell. 

So it goes without saying that you want (and need) to create a beautiful, memorable packaging experience for your customers. But where to start? 

If perfecting your brand’s packaging feels overwhelming, we’re here to help. Specifically, we have 4 incredible resources to share that will help you achieve that high-end, elevated packaging experience that your products deserve!

4 Resources to Help You Elevate Your Packaging Experience


Our go-to for custom-printed boxes, Packlane makes it seamlessly easy to design a beautiful box in a multitude of custom or standard sizes. We especially love their online design tool that instantly shows you a 3D mockup of what your box will look like!

Now, if you’re working with a designer on your packaging, they can easily download a dieline file straight from Packlane’s website. Then, they can apply your unique design to be uploaded to Packlane. But the best part? Packlane offers low quantity orders, which is a rare find in the packaging industry. This makes them the perfect fit for small businesses that don’t need hundreds of boxes (yet).

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If you’re committed to sustainability as a brand, noissue offers eco-friendly options for mailers, tissue paper, hang tags, drawstring bags, stickers, cards and even embossers. They have it all!

(We promise this isn’t an infomercial, we just really like noissue)

So many brands are actively working to reduce the waste they create through product packaging, which is what makes noissue a great choice. All of their packaging is either compostable, reusable or recycled – meaning that even your customers can feel guilt-free about their purchases. 

…and trust us, when it comes to shopping, creating a guilt-free experience is the way to go. We’d like more of those, please.

Click here to check noissue out!


Did we choose Moo partially because of the name? Potentially. Luckily, Moo happens to be an all-time favorite resource of ours!

If you need any kind of printed promotional materials to go along with your product (like thank you notes or a “how to use” card), then Moo is the perfect place for you. We love the fact that you can order high quality printed materials at a great price, while even adding in those elevated printing finishes like gold foil, spot gloss or letterpress. 

Click here to check Moo out!


Now, let’s say you have larger-scale packaging needs – like 500 units or more. You’ll likely find yourself in need of a variety of packaging sizes and add-ons to fit your more complex array of products. If that’s the case, we recommend trying Lumi!

Not only does Lumi offer endless options and the ability to create complex packaging (like inserts and special insulation), but they’ve worked with plenty of brands that you’ve likely heard of: Casper, Outdoor Voices, Parachute and Fab Fit Fun. Don’t take our word for it, though – click here to see the variety of packaging materials Lumi offers!

And if your business hasn’t quite reached the level of demand yet that would make Lumi your best packaging resource, we highly recommend checking out their Youtube channel and blog! We personally love their “Unboxing” series, where they order from cool brands and analyze their unboxing experience – starting from their initial reaction upon receiving the package, all the way down to the type of box materials and printing techniques they’re using. 

It’s a great way to learn more about packaging design, and get some inspiration for your own unboxing experience! It’s also relaxing, too. (Highly recommended for your next brain break)

So, we discussed the where, but what about the how?

Specifically, you might be thinking, “these resources are great, but I’m not even sure if our packaging design is the right fit for our current needs.” If so, make sure to check out our blog on Packaging Design Trends to Elevate Your Unboxing Experience!

And lastly, if you’re ready to achieve that high-end, luxurious and memorable packaging and unboxing experience, we’re here to help. To learn more about our product packaging services, click the button below!

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