Q+A with The Blog Stop

August 19, 2020

I’m so so excited to kick off this new Creative Q+A series for my blog! I’ve always found that when creatives get together and get real about what it’s like to work in this industry, we all feel less alone. So that’s the goal for this new interview series – to chat with other creatives, swap stories and just be honest about the ups and downs of running a business!

So for my first interview, I’m chatting with Ariel Garcia from The Blog Stop! We really covered it all – from finding confidence as a self-taught designer, the power of personal projects, to running a nomadic business. You can watch the full interview below and learn more about Ariel!

About Ariel

Ariel Garcia is a self-taught graphic & web designer from Portland, Oregon. Inspired by her love for blogs & the lack of good blog design resources on the market, Ariel launched The Blog Stop in 2017. Through this platform she continues to work with inspiring bloggers & business owners, helping them set themselves apart with strategic brand design. Ariel’s typical day consists of several cups of coffee, logo designing, collaborating with clients, styling products & planning her next adventure.

Website: https://theblogstop.co
Instagram: @theblogstop

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