Q+A with Reverielane

October 14, 2020

For interview no. 2 in my Creative Q+A series, I’m chatting with Katell Schmitz from Reverielane! Katell was actually my very first mentor when I started Wayfarer way back in 2016! I learned a lot from her in those early days and was so excited to chat with her again. We talked about finding your confidence as a business owner, working a husband + wife team, and building a business around on the life that you want on your own terms. You can watch the full interview below!

About Katell

Katell is the co-owner and lead designer at Reverielane, a strategic branding studio creating purposed-infused brands and websites helping you turn your dreaming into doing – by fascinating the people who need to hear your message.

Currently based in sunny southern California, Katell began Reverielane over 6 years ago with the belief that thoughtful design can turn your dreaming into doing by telling a compelling story to the people who need to hear your message. Her husband Jon joined on as a co-owner this last October, and together they are building Reverielane to fully live on their own terms as a creative family.

Website: https://reverielane.co/
Instagram: @reverielane

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