Q+A with Brighten Made

November 13, 2020

For interview no. 5 in my Creative Q+A series, I’m chatting with Briana Summers from Brighten Made! We talked about finding your own style as a creative, the importance of project timelines and what it’s like to start hiring a team. You can watch the full interview below!

Bri is also hosting a free masterclass on how designers can connect with their dream clients on Instagram! You can sign up to watch the webinar here.

About Bri

Briana Summers is the owner + founder of Brighten Made, a design studio that focuses on branding like-minded entrepreneurs and female founders with an eye for style and a passion for their path. She’s inspired by the beach, anything boho, bold patterns and textiles, bright, natural light, artistic interiors, vintage photographs, traveling, and sunsets.

When Bri’s not designing, you can likely find her shopping at Anthro, rearranging her boho home decor, walking her two fur babies (Pickles and Tito– they’re the cutest), or exploring Des Moines with her husband Joe.

Website: https://brightenmade.com/
Instagram: @brightenmade

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