3 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

February 12, 2021

When you’re starting a business, it can be really difficult to find ways to stand out. Especially when you’re in a crowed industry where it feels like there are new brands popping up every day! So I wanted to share 3 ways that you can stand out from your competition and build a brand that people really connect and identify with! Watch the full video or skip below to read the quick summary!

01 / Highlight your purpose. What do you want to be known for?

This could be a specific type of service or product. But it could also just be the values that you stand for or the way you want to make people feel. It may also be helpful to think about what you do not want to be known for.

Take Action – How can you highlight your purpose through your branding? Your website? Brand photography? Social media? Find ways to bring your deeper purpose to the forefront so that your audience immediately recognizes it.

02 / What specific problem does your product or service solve for your audience? And how does solving that problem impact their life? What’s the deeper benefit?

Every business has an obvious problem that they solve. It’s easy to understand and it’s generally what’s expected from someone in your industry. But let’s go deeper – how does your product or service impact your audience’s life beyond the initial benefits?

Take Action – How can you incorporate this deeper impact into your messaging? Find ways to show that your product or service goes beyond the expected results.

03 / Analyze your competition and see if there are any common themes or trends that you can break away from?

When looking at your competition, it can be easy to compare yourself  and feel pressured to do things the way they do it. But that’s not the way to stand out! Sometimes in saturated industries, brands tend to all do similar things simply because it’s what people expect! This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself by purposefully moving away from those trends.

Take Action – How can you break away from these common trends in your industry (while still making sure that things align with your own brand goals / personality)? Can you choose a different style for your logo? Choose a different color palette? Choose an unexpected layout or material for your product packaging?

P.S. I highly recommend reading the book “Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love from Day One” by Emily Heyward! She dives into how some of today’s most popular new brands like Everlane, Casper and Allbirds built up their loyal customer following so quickly. She has so much insight into developing a deeper purpose behind your brand and it’s a great book for any business owner!

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