Introducing Sustainability to the Candle Industry with Old Flame Candle Co.

April 22, 2022

One of our favorite parts about our job as a design studio is that we get to connect with and support so many amazing brands who are shaking up their industries! So in this new blog series, we’ll be interviewing some of our lovely clients to chat about how they started their businesses, challenges that they’ve faced and how they are hoping to bring something new to crowded industries! Today, we’re talking with Jaclyn King from Old Flame Candle Co. who we were so lucky to work with last year on their brand and website! The OFC team are truly the sweetest people ever and have seen so much success after only 2.5 years in business, so we’re very excited to talk with Jaclyn about how they have navigated that fast growth!

Tell us your story! What do you do and how did you first decide to start Old Flame Candle Co?

Early-on in my career and then, later, working on different business concepts as an entrepreneur, I found myself going in a multitude of directions, stretching myself thin between too many ideas, never honing-in on one concept or skill long enough to develop it properly. It was while working as an interior designer that it finally hit me: I had a need and a passion to fuse beautiful vintage vessels with incredible, luxe-scented candles. In my client’s homes, as well as my own, there were too many lovely smelling, expensive candles that I would “hide” inside beautiful containers, only to toss the original candle vessel after burning. It felt unnecessary and wasteful. I took this simple concept and added my own experience of estate shopping with my grandmother growing up, and created Old Flame Candle Co. I kept the concept of my company simple and straight-forward: Vintage Vessels. Modern Scents. Natural Wax. I finally created a candle you don’t have to throw away; salvaging and repurposing vintage and introducing sustainability to the candle industry.

What do you want to be known for as a brand?

To truly bring Old Flame Candle Co. to the next level and make it successful, I credit the team we built to represent our company. We are a female-owned-and-operated business, comprised predominantly of working moms, and we pride ourselves on the details and customer service that seem to be lost in today’s modern business world. Each team member adds a unique and special talent to our company, whether it be an eye for styling; clever copy for our “gals'” bios online or in our social media feed; perfect pours on each candle that is beautifully brought back to life; or keeping us organized and the train on the track, we rely on and value everyone’s unique contribution. We also have a knack for coming together and sharing responsibilities when the growth of our company demands it.

There are a lot of candle brands out there. What helped you feel confident getting started in such a crowded industry?

Since it’s inception, Old Flame Candle Co. has been about beauty, affordable luxury, the “small” details, and customer service. I think this entire package, and the way we have been able to always stick to each element in all that we do, sets us apart from other businesses, even candle companies now doing the same thing as we do. We have a mantra that, no matter the competition, always stay focused on what we do and do it BEST. It ties back to what makes us successful – in all things, keep it simple and stay focused.

We have a mantra that, no matter the competition, always stay focused on what we do and do it BEST.

What’s a challenge that you didn’t expect as a product-based business? And do you have any advice for overcoming that challenge?

Over the last year and a half we have certainly faced challenges. From industry shortages on the unique blend of creamy wax that we use, to the copycat competition that has popped up all around us, and just handling the sheer magnitude of growth in our company, year-over-year, in the 2.5 years we’ve been in business, we’ve worked hard to remain on track: stay focused, don’t compromise on quality, work HARD, and take care of our customers. The incredible love, feedback, and support of customers (we call clients) has been incredibly gratifying, and we are continuously grateful and proud of our team for always keeping the customer “first” in all we do.

Old Flame Candle Co. has already had some really exciting opportunities – like a Souther Living Magazine feature and your products being sold through Anthropologie! Do you have any advice for new brands that are hoping to get their products featured on a bigger platform like that?

Ultimately, I’d recommend staying true to your brand and your vision of the company, while remaining flexible to new ideas and growth. Don’t overcomplicate it. For Old Flame, it’s the clear, unique vision of our company and the dedicated and talented team that has formed the steady foundation for Old Flame’s growth and success, allowing us to flourish when our sales grew exponentially after exposure in a Southern Living Magazine editorial feature and an invitation by Anthropologie to sell Old Flame Candle Co. candles on their website. This year’s success has been hard to fully wrap my head around, but it certainly makes me grateful and excited for what 2022 has to bring our small business!

What made you realize it was the right time to work with us to elevate your brand and website?

Our growth and sales numbers prompted me to revisit our online presence and consider making the updates necessary to take us to the next level, putting us on-par with the retailers we are inspired by on a daily basis. I have a background in advertising and branding which has taken Old Flame far, but I looked to Wayfarer to view my company from a consumer-perspective and, with their expertise in website and brand creation (and my VERY high expectations), to elevate the Old Flame Candle Co website to the sophisticated level that our customers expect (and big box company budgets can afford).

And why did you choose Wayfarer?

Visuals are so important to me, so I really did my research in selecting a company to update the Old Flame Candle Co. brand/website. Wayfarer had a beautiful aesthetic that was in-tandem with my vision and yet, still creative enough to make each client’s work distinguishable and unique to them.

What is your favorite part about the new branding and website that we created together?

With Shopify as our online sales platform, we are limited to their website templates. Working with Wayfarer and relying on their experience of how to manipulate those templates to look custom was a game-changer. The overall aesthetic felt cleaner and more stunning after they got their hands on it. I think my favorite aspect of the website is the “Latest Drop” listing of the new products that have gone online for sale – it makes the site feel fresh and new each time a customer goes online to shop. We also LOVE the new secondary logo Abbey created, tying our entire company concept into one icon – it has changed everything, and we are so SO proud of it!

What type of impact have you seen on your business after redesigning your brand and website with us?

We literally updated our website weeks before the Southern Living Magazine spread hit the newsstands, so I’m certain that with all the new traffic flowing to our site, it made it so much more user-friendly and professional looking, contributing to the growth and future sales of our company.

What’s your dream for Old Flame Candle Co. now? Any big goals or exciting things that we can expect from you in the future?

Oh, wow, there are so many – ha! Our company is only 2.5 years old and, right now, it feels like both a lifetime of experience and like we’re just now learning to walk, all at the same time. It’s early 2022, and we’ve already crossed a few goals off the list: we started a new line, offering vintage candlestick holders which has exploded, and we are partnering with Kendra Scott and The Wayback in Austin, TX the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend for our first BIG pop-up event! We have dreams of a retail space, expanding our product line to include even more vintage, and making Old Flame Candle Co a household name across the US. Cheers to dreaming BIG!

We hope that this conversation with Jaclyn has been inspiring if you are also in the candle or home decor industry! You can learn more about the brand on the Old Flame Candle Co. website or follow them on Instagram.

If you want to shop OFC products in person, they are having their first BIG pop-up event on Saturday, May 7th at The Wayback in ATX, 11am-5pm “Spring on the Green” (featuring Kendra Scott, Milk + Honey, custom bouquets from Good Juju, and mini-portrait sessions with a local photographer).

OR you can shop online and use the code “WAYFARER20” to get 20% off 🙂

And lastly, if you’re ready to give your own product-based brand a refresh, we’re here to help. To learn more about our branding and web design services, click the button below!

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