How to Save Money on Your Product Packaging

June 19, 2022

Consumers make plenty of assumptions about the products they buy based on the packaging alone. So, it’s no secret that the way your product looks, both in-store or on your website, can make a huge impact on your sales.

Good packaging will get your ideal customer’s attention, and eventually persuade them to purchase. But incredible, one-of-a-kind, experiential packaging? That’ll allow you to build out a brand that remains memorable – both to those who do buy immediately, and those who just need a little bit of extra time. 

Creating standout packaging can be expensive, and not every brand has the budget to go all out. So, we wanted to share just a few creative ways to save money while creating exceptional product packaging.

4 Ways to Create Stunning Packaging on a Budget

01 / QR Codes

Sleek, sophisticated and budget-friendly packaging requires a “do more with less” strategy. Use QR codes to guide customers to important information without adding extra components to your packaging!

Utilizing a QR code in your packaging achieves two goals:

  1. You’ll have less collateral and clutter, which will allow you to have more visually appealing packaging and branding.
  2. You’ll also be able to save money by skipping the extra printed materials. Simply print a QR code on your main product box that directs customers to a page on your website!

An added bonus? QR codes allow you to make changes to the information you share, so you can skip the reprinting process altogether. All you need to do is update your website, and you’re all set!

03 / Offer a “less packaging” option at checkout.

If you value sustainability and less package waste, the chances are that your audience does, too! Give your customers the option to opt-out of unnecessary packaging materials at checkout. 

Not only will your customers feel better about buying from your company, you’ll save money, too!

03 / Use custom tape and stickers.

Rather than printing directions on the box, use custom tape and stickers. Custom shipping boxes are incredible, but they land in the “nice to have” versus “have to have” category of brand packaging. 

Instead, opt for plain shipping boxes, and add a custom sticker or packaging tape to make everything feel branded and cohesive. It’s important to note that using custom tape and stickers will add an extra step for your packaging process, since you’ll need to manually put the stickers on every order. However, it tends to be significantly more cost effective to do so!

Our favorite part about using custom tape and stickers in lieu of custom-printed boxes? You have the flexibility to change up your packaging on a whim! If you want to swap things out seasonally, or update things in the middle of the year, all you need to do is order new stickers or tape.

04 / Work with a packaging engineer or designer.

While it’s easy for us to give general advice and tips, it’s important to remember that your brand, and your brand’s specific packaging needs, are completely unique. Because there are so many ways to approach packaging, we recommend working with a professional engineer or designer who can help find cost-effective solutions that you might not have explored before.

When we worked with LUUM on their product packaging, they shared that their main goal was to create a fun unboxing experience… without breaking the bank. LUUM loved the idea of including messaging on the inside of their mailer box to create a nice surprise when customers opened things up, but they found that printing on the outside AND inside of the box was far too expensive.

Our studio partnered with LUUM’s packaging supplier to help them find a better, and more custom, solution. We finally decided to include messaging on the front inside fold of the box, which would hold LUUM’s products in place. This option allowed us to include that fun messaging and surprise on the inside, without the astronomical printing costs.

Exceptional packaging can be budget friendly.

It just takes a bit of creativity, and plenty of strategy. If you’re ready to elevate your brand with packaging that confidently reflects your personality & speaks to your audience, we’re here to help.

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