Favorite Fonts of 2019

September 27, 2019

I know that it’s such a cliché thing for me to say as a designer, but I love fonts. Type is powerful and I’ve always been amazed by how simply changing a font can completely alter the feeling that words give us. Like the great Paula Scher once said, “Words have meaning + type has spirit.” Choosing the right typeface is always my favorite part of the branding process, but also the most frustrating. I will seriously spend hours searching for the perfect typeface for a client’s logo, ready to pull my hair out because I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. But that just shows how important it is, right? Type matters.

So today I wanted to share some fonts that I’ve fallen in love with over the past year! Plus a few of my favorite resources for finding new fonts + type inspiration.

Ogg font


This font has been EVERYWHERE this year and it 100% deserves all of the love that it’s gotten. It’s classic + modern all at the same time which makes it work for so many different types of brands.

Canela font


Another font that’s been getting a lot of use around the design word. I love it because it feels sophisticated, but has a friendly, approachable vibe as well.

Commuters Sans font

Commuters Sans

One of my go-to sans-serifs! I use it for my own branding too 🙂 Also, it’s available through Adobe Typekit!

Displace font


Love the details of this one. It’s just quirky enough, but still feels minimal.

Cako font


Oh my gosh, so much character! The “R” and the “g” are amazing.

Apercu font


Another go-to serif for me. It feels like a more modern version of Helvetica (don’t hate me for that, Helvetica is still great).

Bluu Next font


Love the boldness of this one and the “a”. Also, it’s free!

Frauen font


I used this for a personal project because it’s just too pretty.


And finally, here are some of my favorite resources to find fonts. Like I said, searching for the perfect font can take me hours, so these sites are basically lifesavers for me. Some are type foundrys, others are just resources for finding type inspiration.

  • Typewolf – This is always the first place that I go for type inspiration, specifically for websites. They feature gorgeous new websites all the time and I swear that I visit this site at least twice a week.
  • YouWorkForThem – I would describe this site as like a higher quality Creative Market. It’s a great place to find new fonts, but they also have other things like graphics and photos.
  • VJ Type – They’ve been cranking out the prettiest fonts lately, you’ve probably already seen them popping up everywhere. So if you were wondering where they were coming from, now you know!
  • Fonts in Use – The perfect place if you want to see a bunch of beautiful fonts being used on print pieces.
  • Font Review Journal – I actually just found this website, but it’s really cool and definitely worth checking out if you’re a type nerd. They give super detailed reviews of fonts, talking about how they reference other fonts and the history of certain styles. It’s basically like a typography lesson in each post.
  • 100 Days of Fonts – Sometimes you need something free from Google Fonts, but it can be frustrating to find a great font that’s free, ya know? So Do-Hee Kim (co-founder of Shoppe Theory) did this amazing personal project where she put together beautiful typographic layouts + pairing using only Google Fonts! Seriously such a great resource for free font inspiration!

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This was just a great post! Thanks so much Abbey! As a new designer, it can be very challenging to know which font to choose, or where to find them. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to check these sites out!

Thank you for sharing these great resources! I definitely needed some type inspiration. Going to bookmark all these links 😉

Wow, thanks so much for putting this together and sharing your resources! I used Frauen in a branding project that was just approved and it’s soo dreamy.

I would love to see more lists! Also, love finding new resources and greatly appreciate the list! Thanks!!

Thanks for this!! Especially the 100 days of fonts! Very helpful resource. ❤❤

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