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Deeper meaning

Although Amia's product line will consist of a wide range of accessories, the foundation of the brand is their original handbag that has a distinct half-moon shape. So we wanted the logo to reference the unique shape of the bag, keeping the identity connected to the product that started it all and what they plan to be most known for. We explored different ways to incorporate curves into the logo typography and convey the shape of their iconic handbag.

"I feel more confident in my brand and what I am trying to achieve now."

kind words from the client

I was very overwhelmed trying to come up with a logo! I knew what I liked but also knew that was not my skillset. I needed an expert to come up with that for me. I knew you got what I was going for pretty much right away. I also had a few people who said they had worked with you and thought you were very talented, so it confirmed my thoughts as well!

I really enjoyed the entire process! I was SO excited to get your emails each time, I loved seeing how the project kept coming together and how we really collaborated so well together. I also loved that you went into thorough detail on why you chose certain elements etc. Before when I was lost without a name, it did not feel like my brand could ever be a reality. I feel really confident in my vision now!




Brand Identity

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