A Week at Wayfarer

September 23, 2019

Now that we’ve been here in Portugal for nearly a month, I’m finally starting to get into a new routine. Life always looks very different every time that we move, including my work schedule. So I thought it would be fun to share a behind there scenes look at what a typical work week for me looks like right now! I’ll break it down, day by day, and explain how I split up my work tasks throughout the week.


Feeling: Pretty energized + excited to work, plus really excited for Tanner’s first home game.


  • Take Birdie for a walk
  • Breakfast w/ Tanner
  • Paying quarterly taxes
  • Responding to emails + inquiries from the weekend
  • Preparing final files + working on social media templates for EE client
  •  Lunch

Afternoon / Evening

  • Working on refined concepts for SW client
  • Do barre workout
  • Intro call w/ a potential client (went really well!)
  • Take Birdie for another walk
  • Make dinner
  • Go watch Tanner’s game

One of the best things about moving to Portugal is that now basically all of my client calls happen around the same time in the evening (which is morning time for most of my US clients) There are definitely a few challenges that come with working across timezones, but honestly I really enjoy ending my workday when most of my clients are just starting theirs. It feels a lot less stressful not getting emails all throughout the day.

Below are some images of my pinterest board + Illustrator file for my SW project.


Feeling: Bleh. Not sure why, just not super motivated and really tired.


  • Take Birdie for a walk
  • Breakfast w/ Tanner
  • Respond to Emails
  • Work on book cover options for RG client
  • Send final files to EE client
  •  Lunch

Afternoon / Evening

  • Working on concepts for SW client
  • Go to the store (mainly just to get out of the apartment)
  • Make dinner
  • Relax w/ Tanner

Since I wasn’t feeling “in the zone” today, I took it easy on myself. I got a lot done, but whenever I started to feel a little bit of burnout, I gave myself permission to immediately take a break. Those days when you just don’t feel creative can be really tough, so I made sure to not push myself too hard. That works for some people, but personally, I need to chill in order to get those creative juices flowing again.

Wednesday (Creative Health Day)

Feeling: EXCITED! Love my creative health day. Since I was pretty unmotivated yesterday, I definitely need this day to get back to a good, productive mindset. 


  • Took things really slow waking up + walked Birdie
  • Went to lunch w/ Tanner in the city

Afternoon / Evening

  • Got a little bit of work done: planning for a summit that I’m speaking at + planning for my template shop launch
  • Went to Starbucks w/ a friend
  • Ate dinner
  • Relaxed the rest of the evening

So grateful for this day! Like I said, I really needed a day to reset. I have a lot to get done by Friday, but I know that any work that I do when I’m not feeling 100% won’t be worth it for my clients. Rest can be productive too and today was a perfect example of that.


Feeling: Definitely better than Tuesday! Ready to tackle some of the things that I was having creative blocks on before.


  • Walk Birdie
  • Clean the apartment
  • Did some quick website fixes for a past client who was having some problems
  • Work on SW refined concepts. This task was really frustrating me at the beginning of the week, but I’m LOVING where it’s headed now.
  • Lunch while working

Afternoon / Evening

  • Took a break to go on another walk w/ Tanner + Birdie
  • Worked more on the SW concepts
  • Went to the store
  • Made dinner
  • Wached Netflix + drank rosé to end the day

Below is a mockup that I created for the SW project.


Feeling: Energized, excited to finish up presentations + start the weekend.


  • Walk Birdie
  • Work on SW presentation
  • Work on EE collateral design options
  • Lunch
  • Went to the Nike Outlet w/ Tanner (a little treat to end the week)

Afternoon / Evening

  • Finished the SW presentation + sent if off
  • Finished the EE collateral + sent it off
  • Intro call w/ a potential client
  • Sent off a project proposal for the brand that I had a call with on Monday
  • Done for the week! 🙂


So I know that was a lot, but I really like seeing exactly how people set up their workdays. And I think it gives you good idea of how I space out my workload throughout the week. Some parts are consistent, like my client presentations are always either due on Fridays or Tuesdays (it alternates throughout the project). But in between those due dates days, things are more open and flexible. Mondays + Thursdays are typically are heavy workdays, while Wednesday is my “creative health day” to either take it easy or work on my own business.

But an important thing to notice about these daily timelines is that once I eat dinner, I’m done for the day. I hate working in the evenings, but I used to do it a lot because it’s what I saw everyone else doing. I felt like if I wasn’t working all the time, I wasn’t truly dedicated to my business + hustling was the only way to succeed. But the truth is that I just don’t enjoy working late, it’s not my most productive time of the day and so I’ve completely cut that out of my schedule. And I’ve stopped working on weekends too (minus a few weekends when Tanner is gone on an away trip + I have nothing else to do).

Figuring out a schedule that works for you is hard work and I’m still fine-tuning mine, but it feels really good right now. I’ve planned it out to not only fit my lifestyle + workload, but also sort of nuture my energy/creativity levels throughout the week. And to do that, it’s really just taken a lot of trial + error and being aware of how certain things affect my mindset with work. Like I said, still figuring it out, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about all of that soon. 🙂

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