New Work – Vanessa Urenda

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Vanessa Urenda is a fashion entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable, high-quality products. After helping create 2 successful brands, LAMINI and Ada Collection, she wanted to pivot into more of a consultant-style role to help other companies grow in a way that empowers the communities that create their products. I was so excited to work with her to create a personal brand that conveyed her expertise and innovation within the fashion industry.

Brand Goal

A branding experience that makes the audience feel empowered and supported as they grow their fashion businesses – an identity that is stylish, fearless and kind.

The Meaning Behind the Design

Through the logo, we really wanted to convey Vanessa’s innovation and skill for creative problem-solving, while also maintaining a modern, stylish vibe. This concept uses a sleek, sophisticated font and geometric shapes to merge these two themes. The geometric shapes are meant to represent her last initial, “U”, and give the logo modern feel overall and add an innovative twist.

From there, we created 2 different patterns using the geometric shapes to further illustrate Vanessa’s creativity and ability to find new solutions for fashion companies.

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