New Work: Tami Keehn

Mockup by Moyo Studio

Hands down, this has been one of my favorite projects to date! When Tami first reached out to me, I instantly knew that we were going to create something beautiful together. She’s a boudoir + couples photographer from Florida with one goal – to celebrate love in all of its many forms. Whether it’s the love between two partners or an expression of self-love, Tami finds a way to capture those intimate moments.


Brand Goal – Create a branding experience that makes Tami’s clients feel beautiful, confident and truly seen while having their photos taken. An identity that is genuine, fearless and warm.


Our main focus with the branding was to make clients feel comfortable before they even book with Tami. She puts so much effort in creating a warm, safe and empowering space during her sessions, so we wanted to convey that through the design.

The visual inspiration that we collected revolved around intimacy, connection, and a high-quality experience. We played around with typography ideas to create a good contrast of raw and refined, strong and soft. We felt that pairing a handwritten font with a more classic serif would give us the personal, high-quality vibe that we wanted.


Keywords – honest, genuine, fearless, warm, empowering.

Above are the initial concepts that were presented. There was an obvious favorite, but it needed some refining to really get that intimate, connected feeling across. Below is an explanation of the final design and the deeper meaning behind each design decision.


The primary logo was really simple, refined and timeless. So that gave us some flexibility to use more of the handwritten font in the submarks. We also came up with a tagline that perfectly captured what Tami’s all about – “Photography for the lovers and those learning to love themselves.” And the end result is just gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. The typography is feminine, strong, and refined and looks so good next to Tami’s work.


Our next task was to redesign Tami’s website and create a more memorable, seamless online experience for her audience. Photography sites can be tough because it’s such a big market and difficult to stand out. We wanted to try a few unconventional things, but knew we had to be smart about it.


Website Goal – Create a space that captures your style of work while giving clients a sense of the intimate, connected experience they’ll have while working with you. You want clients to feel confident and comfortable before they even send an inquiry. Through the website, they’ll know that you are about so much more than photography – you’re about celebrating love in all of its many forms.


Our main focus was figuring out how to structure Tami’s portfolio. Photographer portfolios all tend to be the same – just a simple slider or gallery page with examples of their work. But we wanted Tami’s to feel different and more strategic, really guiding her audience to book with her. She had a brilliant idea to merge her portfolio with her services page, giving the audience an option to look through her work AND immediately learn about her pricing and book. Genius, right? Definitely my favorite part of the site. You can view the full site here.



Tami was seriously such a joy to work with and I can’t wait to see all the ways that she uses her new branding. Keep an eye out for her because she has some wonderful things in the works!

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