“The templates alone have cut my process time in half basically. I am getting better feedback from my clients and they have been saying that they can see that I really understand what they want their brand and their business to be. I feel like much more of an expert and feel like I can talk about what I offer & my prices confidently.”

Ceara Maguire

“My process is much clearer now, plus I get great feedback from clients about how they are blown away by my in depth and intentional process. I’m more efficient now and relieved on the backend.”

Karla Boateng

"The majority of my projects go really smoothly and stay in the timeline. My clients feel better taken care of and I feel better, because it's easier now to establish and enforce my boundaries. I’ve consistently raised my prices because my process is organized and valuable now."

Sara Gisabella

"This course has changed the way I interact with my clients. I have confidence in knowing what the next steps are with my clients and how to communicate with clients for optimal feedback!"

Sydney Stracke

"After completing your course, my design process has improved TREMENDOUSLY. I feel so much more confident by positioning myself as the expert with all the presentation templates and canned e-mail responses. My process is running more smoothly and I feel less stressed when I get a new client inquiry. You gave me the tools I need to run this business confidently and I can't thank you enough."

Carol Fan
5 5